Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is required for my application to be approved?

    Our general requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old, have a source of income and have an active debit card account for at least 90 days. You must own the car on which the tires will be installed, and if the car is financed, the payments must be current. Of course a record of paying all your bills on time helps!

  • Do I need to have a certain credit “score”?

    We don’t use traditional credit scoring so, no you don’t. We will utilize a variety of information from consumer reporting agencies to evaluate you for a weekly spending limit.

  • What is a “spending limit”?

    The spending limit is the amount we approve you to spend every two weeks in order to acquire ownership of your tires on our rent-to-own program. For most people, this coincides with their regular payday cycle, and we deduct the payment from your debit card account. The amount of the every two weeks rental payment for any set of tires we offer is shown on the shopping cart, and we also offer twice monthly and monthly payment plans.

  • How many items can I rent?

    You may rent-to-own one complete set of four tires - mounted, balanced and installed - up to your approved spending limit (see above). Note that we do not offer single tires, and our program is for a full set of four new, brand-name tires only.

  • What is “Rent to Own”?

    This transaction is sometimes called Rent to Own, Rental Purchase, Lease Purchase as well as Lease to Own. With our agreement, you are agreeing to make payments for one year to acquire full ownership of the tires. For those customers being paid every two weeks, this means your first payment is collected upon signing the Rental Agreement, and then you will make 25 additional payments every payday.

  • When do I own the product?

    Ownership transfers to you after you have made your last scheduled rental payment.

  • What is the “Cash Price”?

    The cash price is the amount you would have paid up front, in cash, for the tires and installation. This is sometimes referred to as the “retail” price. The cash price is shown clearly in your Rental Agreement. Note that we do not sell for cash, but rather offer a unique rent-to-own plan for our customers, without regard to your credit "score", who wish to spread out the acquisition cost of their new tires over the course of a year.

  • What’s my payment?

    Your payment is the amount you will pay each two week period to have your tires for that period (we also offer twice monthly and monthly payment plans). A use (sales) tax is added if that is required in your state. Your actual payment amount will be shown in your Rental Agreement prior to your signing and agreeing to the terms of the Rental Agreement.

  • How many payments do I make before I own my tires?

    We will match up your payments with when you get paid. If you are paid weekly or every two weeks, you will make 26 every two weeks payments. If you are paid twice per month you will make 24 twice per month payments. And finally, if your are paid monthly you will make 12 monthly payments.

  • How do I make my payments?

    For your convenience we will deduct them directly from the debit card you provide.

  • Can I make payments on some other schedule? For example: twice per month?

    We would be happy to work with you as long as your account is current and stays current.

  • Why do you charge use (sales) tax?

    Most states require us by law to charge sales tax on the weekly payment amount. It is simply a “pass through” from us to the state and local tax collectors, the same as a retail store would have to do if the tires were sold to your for cash.

  • Can I buy the products at the cash price?

    We do not have this option available. Again, our unique rent-to-own program enables us to offer the lowest prices of any comparable rent-to-own program for sets of new, brand-name tires to our customers, without regard to your credit “score”, and with no debt obligation involved.

  • Are there any additional fees to acquire ownership?

    The only additional fees are associated with payments. Late fees may be applied after being late on a payment for a certain number of days and there may be fees for insufficient funds. These will be clearly outlined in your Rental Agreement.

  • Can I cancel my Rental Agreement?

    You may rescind your Rental Agreement at any time prior to the scheduled installation of your tires, by either by logging into your customer account at the Website or by contacting us by telephone toll free at 302-436-8473, and your initial rental payment will be refunded. If you do not rescind your Rental Agreement prior to installation, then you will be legally bound for the intial rental period you have paid for. Thereafter, you may cancel the Rental Agreement at any time prior to the date of the beginning of the next rental period and return the tires to us in accordance with the Rental Agreement, and have no further obligation. This is not a loan transaction and this is no debt or default on a loan involved. You will not, however, have any ownership rights in the set of tires if you do not complete one year of rental payments (subject to a reinstatement priviledge provided in the Rental Agreement).

  • How do I contact you?

    Please call our Customer Service Department at 302-436-8473.

"No Credit Needed" means that no established credit is necessary.  It does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness.  It means that this is not a credit transaction.

The transaction is a rental-purchase agreement.  You will need to make one year of payments, plus tax to acquire ownership.  Ownership of the tires is not acquired until all required payments have been made.