About Us

A full set of balanced and properly mounted tires is essential to any car, and it is very dangerous to drive on bald tires which is the Number One cause of accidents. The problem for good “everyday people” is that they don’t have a spare $600 to $900 handy when its time to replace worn out tires with a set of brand-new, brand-name tires during this economic downturn. Patriot Tire Leasing has the solution. We exclusively offer a Rent-To-Own program for sets of four brand-new, brand-name automobile tires with payments as little as $28 every two weeks to coincide with your regular paydays.

Be Smart and acquire the 4 new tires you need for the safety of you and your family. Once you have completed our program of one year of payments, You OWN your tires! We have the Lowest Rent-to-Own prices available anywhere on all high-quality, major brand-name sets of new tires, and this is all we do. We don’t sell for cash with high markups, and we don’t deal in expensive rims, exotic tires, or used or recapped tires… Just a set of 4 new tires for “everyday people” who need to stretch their dollars with a rent-to-own plan.

Most everyone with a job or regular source of income; bank or debit card account; and who owns their car with all car payments current (if the car is financed) can qualify. NO CREDIT CHECK! We are not a title pawn company and do not take a lien on the title to your car. We are simply the quickest, easiest and smartest way for you to get a set of 4 Brand Name New Tires today!

"No Credit Needed" means that no established credit is necessary.  It does not mean or imply that no inquiry will be made of credit history or creditworthiness.  It means that this is not a credit transaction.

The transaction is a rental-purchase agreement.  You will need to make one year of payments, plus tax to acquire ownership.  Ownership of the tires is not acquired until all required payments have been made.